Top & Finest WordPress Plugins Of 2017


There are over 1.2 billion websites on the world wide web today from which 75 million are WordPress sites as confirmed by Netcraft survey. There are good deal of convenient plugins in WordPress groundwork which deflate lots of work on your part. The official plugin archive has over 47,000 WordPress plugins and counting. There are plugins for almost every function or feature you need on your website.You’ll also will find multiple plugins for the same feature, all you need to do is to choose the best one for yourself that suits for your project. You can find both free and premium plugins for WordPress while most of the plugins are developed as freemiums. A freemium plugin is a free plugin with an upgrading option to the premium version for advanced features. Our Plugin experts team have shortlisted some of the best Plugin of 2017, these plugins will help you to make your site robust, secure, SEO friendly and complete with all the aesthetics needed in a modern website. Let’s have a look at them :


1.WP Lead Capturing Pages – WordPress Plugin :

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WP Lead Capturing Pages Plugin help you create impressive landing pages, lead pages and opt-in forms. You can create a fine, inviting, attracting page, all set to collect leads, completely transforms it into a lead generating and list building facility. This WordPress Plugin can easily integrate any of the autoresponder with the lead page. Make every page your own by dropping new elements wherever you want. Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease. For most people, designing a lead landing page on their website is difficult because then you’d have to mess with the coding on your site and could potentially break something. WP Lead Capturing Pages Plugin makes it very easy. It has about 21 different templates with 30+ shortcodes and 10 autoresponder , you can customize them to create landing page & opt-in forms.
1) Drag and Drop Lead Page Builder
2) 10 Autoresponder Integrations
3) 50 + Inbuilt Responsive Templates
4) 30+ Shortcode
5) Countdown Timer
6) Easy to Integrated
7) No Configs Needed
8) Mobile-Responsive

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2.Jetpack WordPress Plugin

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A powerful plugin from the skilled team behind the WordPress software itself (Automattic), Jetpack is a must have plugin for every WordPress website. As the name suggests, it offers a pack of awesome features for your website to fly up high and make it a triumph. Jetpack takes care of your site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and a lot more. It features magnified distribution which automatically shares your published content to third party services like search engines and helps to increase your reach and traffic. Plus, it creates sitemaps so that search engines can easily index your site. Most of all, it protects your website security by preventing brute force attacks. It also monitors your site every five minutes for downtime and instantly notifies you for any issues found.

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3.Akismet WordPress Plugin

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Akismet is yet another plugin developed by the people behind WordPress (Matt and his team at Automattic). It is one of the default plugins of WordPress that comes with every new WordPress core installation. It is basically an anti-spam plugin which checks all comments and filters out the spammy comments. The plugin provides a status history for each comment so that you can learn which comments were found spammy by Akismet or the moderator. Moderators also can view the number of approved comments for each user, see the URLs in the comment body and remove the suspicious links. The plugin is free for the personal site and blogs while you have to subscribe its monthly plans for commercial sites. The premium plans provide advanced security solution besides spam protection. It is a useful plugin to protect your WP security.

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4.Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

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No doubt, search engines are the major source of traffic for every website. The number of internet users using search engines is reported to increase steadily, making the importance of SEO more relevant than ever. Fortunately, there is a great plugin like Yoast SEO for WordPress users. Yoast SEO is an awesome plugin which guides you all the way to create better content and improve your ranking on search results. It focuses on creating the content which is useful to the users as well as technically SEO friendly. The goal is to help the users, gain trust and sustain the rankings which they call sustainable SEO.

Firstly, it makes you choose a focus keyword and use the keyword appropriately in the article you are writing. Page analysis feature checks if you have used the focus keyword everywhere on the image alt tags, meta description, headings and the whole post. Furthermore, it suggests you to properly set up the text and images for better usability and visibility for search engines. In addition, it helps you improve the way your page/ post looks on the search results with snippet preview. Creating better headlines and catchy Meta description can greatly increase the click through rates for your site. It has added Readability feature which helps you to create a simple and understandable content. Finally, here is another plugin called All in One SEO Pack which works quite similarly. You can try this too.

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5.W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin 

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WordPress caching is one of the best ways to improve website performance. The general idea of caching is storing the website data temporarily in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the user opens the same page. Cache is a place to store something temporarily in the computing environment. To enable caching in WordPress, you can use WordPress caching plugins. Caching plugins will cache your posts and pages as static HTML files which are served to the users. This reduces page loading time drastically and helps to optimize overall site performance. Additionally, enhanced site-speed will profoundly impact your site SEO. W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is one of the most popular plugins and probably the best caching plugin for WordPress. It features page cache, database caching, object caching, browser caching and a lot more. Besides, it lets you integrate CDN services to reduce page load time. Besides, it has options to minify and HTTP compression of the HTML, JS, and CSS files so that you can save bandwidth up to 80%. With the reduced loading time, you will get better ranking on search results which consecutively result into high traffic and more conversions. Alternatively, you can use WP Super Cache which works quite similarly to the above plugin.

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