How to Choose which WordPress Theme is Best for Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur and thinking of having your own websites?

WordPress Theme are best for your websites, as they provide you all of the front end styling. When you browse search engine, they will fill you with plenty of options of WordPress Theme for your websites.

Confused! Which WordPress Theme to choose and which has to be out of your list. If it’s your first websites of course you want it bests and easy to use with all features. Numbers of free and premium WordPress Themes are available and each Theme look better than other. Now most important question is how to select best Theme for WordPress. Here are some points which should be considered while choosing your WordPress Theme. Go along with each points and pick your best WordPress Theme.

1. Free or Premium WordPress Theme

Initially the question is free or premium WordPress Theme to be used. For a better documentation of your websites, premium Theme are more good option than free WordPress Theme. Premium WordPress Themes comes with support, in any ways emails, phones calls or other. One will be benefited with more features and function if he would use premium WordPress Theme. As free Theme can not be customize much, so there will be no uniqueness in your websites or blog. Premium Theme also comes with the warranty and guarantee features so that you don’t feel cheated. As an owner, in premium Theme you can provide options like drag and drop builders, short codes, multiple layouts and templates, and unlimited color choices. Regular updates are also available in premium WordPress Theme. In my opinion premium WordPress Theme are better than free WordPress Theme, as you get more options to customize your websites or blog.

2. Theme Compatibility – Whether it works with latest WP

When you have decided to get free or premium WordPress Theme, the next step is browse search engine for purchasing WordPress Theme. You will get stuck with numerous of WordPress Theme with different prices. Now selecting between those Themes, is an arduous task, the first thing you have to see is Theme compatibility. Before buying WordPress Theme, check WordPress Theme Compatibility lists to ensure their WordPress Theme is updated and ready for the new version. If, you are getting the latest version of WordPress Theme means that particular Theme is updated. Latest WordPress release was on January 26 as WordPress 4.7.2 . To check your Theme in detail, you need to experiment with the newest features that new WordPress versions includes. For buying the latest version you should know the latest version of WordPress. Check the version of WordPress, if you get the latest version lets move on to next step.

3. Supported Plugin

Plugins are ways to extend and addition to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. Plugins help to make your websites vision more creative with extra features. Every Theme is engaged with one or more Plugins with it, you have to check what are Plugins added with specific WordPress Theme, and are useful for your websites or not. For every WordPress Theme, you need some Plugins to support your website. There are some must have Plugin which are useful for any type of websites. Here are some must have Plugin for your websites – WP-Starter WordPress Plugin, WP Ultimate Notification Bar, Speedup Wp Site Plugin, Contact Form 7 Integration, Exit Popup WordPress Plugin etc. All the features are not possible in single Plugin so you have to buy more than one Plugin as your business demands. There are premiums and free WordPress Plugin, but while selecting you should make sure that your WordPress Theme support all must have Plugins. Before buying any of Plugins you must check the review and rating given for that Plugin.

4. How often the Theme is getting updated?

Nothing in this world is perfect and it’s same with WordPress, changes come to make Theme better. If you are buying any WordPress Theme which was released a year ago or more, do check that whether or not the update has been given. If updates has not been provided then it’s better not to buy that WordPress Theme. Technology is growing at very high rate and we need to have every new tech for our websites. That’s why updating WordPress Theme has become very important. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose a Theme that include lifetime updates. It will always keep your product up-to-date, as bug fixes, new and improved features, security updates and many more will always deliver to the dashboard. If you already have your websites and you want to update it, then you can get a ready-made WordPress template that prepend with lifetime updates.

5. Is the Theme is Seo Optimized?

Search engine optimization, it’s very important to look for “SEO Optimized” or “SEO Ready” in Theme description. Your WordPress Theme must be SEO-friendly as search engines play a very important role for WordPress Theme. Without SEO your websites may not work properly on browsers. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. in which WordPress Theme must be compatible, no matter what device visitor is using, content should be equally shown in each one of them. That’s the importance of SEO in choosing WordPress Theme. Most of WordPress Theme are SEO friendly but some have the option to choose SEO. So before downloading do check the option has been marked. Many SEO site tools are available that run a quick SEO checks on a Theme’s demo.

6. Does the Theme have Builder or not

If you’re new to WordPress then you might be wondering what exactly a builder Theme is, and what it does. A builder Theme is a WordPress Theme that allow you to create, edit, and customize your site layout without any need of code. If you don’t have technical knowledge or don’t know HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript, then builder is very useful for you. Builder provides you the facility of drag & drop to place, resize and configure sections and assign widgets or modules to create various elements, such as slideshows or post previews. WordPress Theme builder make your customization easier. For WordPress there are various builder available, so before you pick WordPress Theme have a look that WordPress builders option is there or not with the Theme. Different WordPress builder are available choose the best suitable for your business.

7. Optin Forms Integration

Optin forms is a term used when someone is given the option to receive email or you can say that this is some sort of email communication used in ecommerce for permission to send newsletter, product sales, advertising and other promotional mail to customer. With the use of optin form you get the option to adopt form design, customize it, and add your form to your blog with a simple mouse-click. Optin form is used mainly to build email list, with the help of some email solution like Aweber, iContact, Mailchimp etc. Before buying any WordPress Theme, you have to look that whether that particular Theme feathers has optin form integration option or not. If the option of optin form integration is not available then you may face difficulty in collecting list of email subscriber. For marketing purpose email list of subscriber is essential for business.
Opt-in forms can be presented to customers and visitors in a variety of ways: pop-up forms on the homepage or product pages, dedicated landing pages, and built-in widgets across an ecommerce website.

8. Is the Theme Responsive?

With the increasing number of smartphones, tablets, laptops, responsiveness is not a choice but it has become compulsory for websites. Responsive Theme means Theme that adjust their layout across different screen sizes and devices. So while looking for WordPress Theme you must have gazed on the features list “Fully Responsive” term. If there is no term like that then it’s necessary to avoid such WordPress Theme. Without responsiveness in Theme means that you are going to lose tons of business. While browsing from mobile Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites. Websites with best design and latest version also became incompetent without responsiveness. If you are not sure if the Theme that you are going to purchase is responsive or not, make use of Responsive Design Checker, an online tool that will help you find out how good the Theme will look on various devices and screen sizes. So keep mind to check that WordPress Theme which you are going to use for your websites is responsive.

9. Social Media Integration

Social Media are not used for social use now but it has become a marketing platform to promote and increase visibility of your product. Some WordPress Theme come with the option of social media integration. So if you want to increase traffic of your websites, go for the WordPress Theme which already has social media widgets and option to share your post directly to social media. Different social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. can directly receive the post made on your websites. This is done when your websites is integrated with them and also when WordPress Theme comes along with the option of social media integration. In my opinion using social media for promoting your business is economical and helps in brand awareness. Before purchasing WordPress Theme you should also check the social media option.

10. Design

Everyone wants a good looking website, a clean and beautiful websites are best-loved by customers. WordPress Theme with lots of color, complex layout, multiple images are out of list now. When you have tons of option for WordPress design then the best WordPress Theme to be chosen must have quality like simplicity, beautiful images, perfect color combination, clean layout, easy customization.
Also has glance at the presentation style, if it is complicated then you must avoid that WordPress Theme. Most premium Themes come with unlimited color choices and built-in tools to select fonts. You need to make sure that your premium WordPress Theme uses better typography out of the box. Have a tour of all home pages and all section provided like blog, portfolio, login and others. One more important thing to consider is that it must give you that look which you are looking for. Depending on your business, you have to choose your WordPress Theme.


Selecting the perfect WordPress Theme for your business is not easy task as market is fully bombarded with numbers of WordPress Theme. Initial step before purchasing is to know what are your need, what you are looking for and what kind of Theme will be perfect for your business.
A quality WordPress Theme is must for any kind of business. Premium WordPress Theme are far better than free WordPress Theme, as support are guaranteed and useful for you. Here in the above points I have tried my best to vanish your confusion while selecting WordPress Theme. Considering all the points before making purchase will make your task easy.