Business runs by strategies, not by its size and Business growth depends on how smartly one implements their ideas and strategies. In this technological world, each every sectors are adopting technologies to become hi-tech. Business field is also becoming hi-tech. Every business is shifting their platform from outlet stores to online stores. Magento is an open-source platform for eCommerce business. We bring the chance for you where you can smartly put your plan of actions. We here represent Magento based Responsive themes to build your business on online platform. “Best Magento Responsive Themes” will help you to take your business to the monetizing way. The themes will give a pleasant with attractive stylish look to your eCommerce site.

        Magento Responsive themes are great option for those store owners who want to make their eCommerce site in graceful manner to showcase their outlets. The themes have “Magento” platform which is a powerful and secure platform and “Responsive” feature which keeps your site uniform and economical.Best Magento Responsive themes make online payment procedure secure and easy as Magento supports a huge range of payment gateways. By implementing Magento responsive theme in your eCommerce site you were not only monetized business but also made it secure and responsive. Themes were coded faultlessly and have wonderful visitors grasping personality. Now we stop elaborating and handed over you a list of Best Magento Responsive Themes. We are sure you will definitely find the theme for which you are searching.

1. Ultimo Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

magento responsive wordpress theme

Designed with the latest admin module, customized color orientation and the optimized SEO the Magento Theme is the ideal choice for any store. The theme has an excellent feature that makes it outscore other existing themes in the industry today.

Fluid width

The Magento theme readily compatible to all screen resolutions the projectors size, the windows to the small android screens the theme offers great HD displays. The theme easily transforms its elements at any breakpoint to suit any resolution. The fluidity character ensures full utilization of any available space on the screen.

Custom design

The theme allows easy change of appearance of elements in it. From a single point in the Admin side-bar, a variety of colors can be picked, Background image edited, texts colored and headers and footers designed with colorful different colors.

Mega menu

  • A double menu style that enables the mega drop downs – the classic drop-downs and the simple classic one.
  • The Malti-level mega drop downs
  • The customized block in mobile view
  • Extensive custom content that allows addition of gallery images HTML and texts,
  • Customized colors
  • Custom links

The fluid grid system

Ultimo Fluid Responsive Magento Theme can easily be displayed on all screen fluid grid system of 12 column utilize the available screen space to display quality images. This grid system is also used in building the custom content.

·         Additional features include:

·         Google fonts with a custom font stack

·         Sidebar menu

·         Category view

·         The additional product page that hosts the brand logo, brand names and gallery images of products


2. Shopper Magento Theme Responsive Retina-Ready

Reponsive Magento Theme

This is a premium Magento theme with great features for the best experience suitable for any store. The theme is extremely responsive with customized menu. Its extensive features list comprise of:

Super Design

  • Has a customizable design that allows change of the theme’s visual appearance and elements outlook.
  • 200+ Google fonts – The theme is integrated with the most updated available Google fonts
  • The custom font stack that enables the standard web safe fonts


General Layout


  • Highly responsive layout that can be disabled or enabled
  • A further simplified 12-column fluid grid system that is essential for custom page formation.

Fluid page width enabling the theme to fully utilize the available screen spaces in displaying contents. Magento themes vital to ensuring the theme adopts to any screen resolution.

The mega menu

  • A two menu stylish portray – Wide mega menu & Classic drop –down menu.
  • The mega menu has a custom content blocks that enables addition of images, texts, HTML etc
  • The category label
  • Custom links
  • Range of customized colors

The home page

  • The home page contains the image slideshow displayable on any CMS page and static blocks
  • The slide show banners that can be enabled or disabled
  • A full width slideshow able to span the page at full width
  • The hide slideshow power that disables slide show on mobile devises
  • The brand slider that depicts the category menu, products brands and name etc

Additional features include:

  • Product sliders
  • CMS
  • Multi level footer
  • Social services bookmarks

3. Porto Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme

multipurpose responsive magento theme

Porto Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme transforms your store by giving it a professional look, popularizing and adding it to your customers’ list. With its easy customized range of colors that are fully responsive, the cloud zoom HD displays of logos products and easy to install nature, this theme offers an ideal magento ecommerce platform.

  • Extensive Features of the theme includes – Responsive Layout Magento ecommerce platform offers the best theme that   is adoptable to any screen resolution. Its fluid grid system allows the resizing and the necessary adjustment to suiting different screen resolutions. It
  • A More Customizable Drop-Down Menu
  • Two styles display on menu to choose from – You can opt for the wide mega menu or go for the classic drop down menu. The two stylish menu- wide mega menus or the other classic drop-down menu suits any store. This menu allows addition of Custom content: images to your gallery, exclusive product display, texts and HTML at will and with great ease.
  • Customized Design with a Great Range of Colors to chose from – The theme offers great platform to artistic design of footers and headers, the best background outlook and a switch to different color to elements and textures.

Other features include:

Layout with:

  • Updated Google fonts
  • Unlimited color orientation
  • Customized font stack
  • A fluid page width
  • 12 column fluid grid system

Category view

  • Suit in fluid product grid that enables a choice on the number of displayed products on the category page depending on the nature of the screen
  • Product grid for mobile devices
  • Sidebar category menu
  • General alignment
  • Customizable product grid
  • Elements sizes
  • Alternative images on mouse hover
  • Image aspect ratio

4. Fortis Responsive Magento Theme

Responsive Shop Magento Template

This is an amazing theme with great interesting features for any store. Theme Magen is designed with great enthusiasm to fit every type of product. It is retina-friendly, easy to install with a simplified admin option.

  • Very compatible with Magento –,,,,,,,,,,,

Other features include:


  • Customizable Design allows for various theme appearance
  • An array of colors to chose from for elements textures texts and background outlook.
  • More than 200 up-to-date Google fonts that enable you to write your text in variable fonts.
  • The fluid Grid system- (12 column) ensuring full utilization of screen resolution

Mega menu

  • Variable two menu style. Classic drop down menu and the wide mega menu
  • Custom links display in the main menu
  • Accordition (mobile menu) that can be adjusted to suit any mobile devices screens and browser.
  • The sidebar menu with ability to display menu at the sides and also in the custom blocks.
  • Customizable colors

Category view

  • Customizable grid outline with a configured display of elements visible only on mouse hover or fully undone and links like the ADD TO CART , add to wish list and ratings with star counts
  • Fluid products grid that displays a range of 2-7 columns on category pages
  • Equal heights of items on the category grid that can easily be enabled or disabled by simply a clicking on a button

List of categories- this is the menu on the top left side bar that can be disabled on small screens resolution like in a mobile device

5. Blanco Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Fashion Responsive Magento Theme

A new theme up for grabs by all stores, Magento theme offers the best market oriented features attractive layout and easy to manage menu. In addition, it comes with extra links and blocks, slideshows a powerful admin option and a more flexed template integrated and compatible with stores of languages and different currencies ideal for global customers and thus the key element for widening your market and general sells.

  • Readily compatible with:5.0.0,,,,,,,,,
  • The home page slide show that is fully customizable and very easy to use with an HTML complex Texts orientation and best image quality on display.
  • Extra slideshow banners that can be easily activated or disabled on the sides of the slideshow
  • Random products slider that displays selected products on any given page ranging the page columns and rows and the products to be displayed on the same
  • List of categories containing blocks and list of all products on display
  • Stabilized aspect ratio of product images allowing uploads of images of different sizes and definitions
  • Gallery of alternative mages that depicts product images on mouse hover categorically and on product slides

Additional features include:

The Custom Drop menu bar

  • Extra powerful admin module
  • An addition new block on product page
  • Additional navigation key
  • Product related slider with gallery of product images
  • Optimized speed in loading
  • Customized Add to Cart at the menu
  • Slide show suitable to touch screens
  • Footer/header settings

6. Buyshop Responsive Retina Magento Theme

Shop Magento Theme

In need of quality an absolute responsive theme? – Look no further than Buyshop Responsive retina Magento theme. It offers you all you need to make your store a world-class. The theme allows a free satisfying display to your coveted customers thereby enhancing your marketing and providing solution to the trending ecommerce gaps in the industry.

Extensive features:

  • Retina Ready with an optimized image and icon font line
  • HTML   ,CSS3 enabled
  • 100% Responsive with a disabling or enabling option
  • Structural range of colors for texts, backgrounds and textures
  • Fluid grid system that makes it suitable for a wide range of screen resolutions
  • SEO design that is compatible with all the Magento SEO
  • 200+ Google Fonts
  • Ready to use Catalogue Mode
  • Ready MultiStore that enables configuration of predefined schemes
  • Ajax search Magento by default
  • Additional PSD and HTML systems


Amazing, basic, Istore and dark 4 predefined layouts

  • Custom logout 404 pages
  • Festive theme present
  • Footer popup static disable/enabling option
  • Home page
  • Social media widgets for tweeter ,Facebook etc
  • Hide/show footer option
  • Multistore slider
  • Custom HTML blocks editable with Magento
  • New, on sale, Best selling, sliders each on its own slide
  • Right vertical side bar
  • Flex slider with unique navigation animation

Product page

  • Social bookmarks
  • Preview and Next functional keys
  • Video vie option /YouTube url guider
  • Large/small product view
  • Zoom, ligthtbox , fancybox and pirobox for large previews

Up on sale product slider

7. Milano Responsive Magento Theme

Responsive Magento Template

For the best fashion fragrance accessories, jewelry and flowers, Milano-Responsive Magento Theme gives you all you need to move your store to the highest professional level. It comes with a great feature list comprising of the following:


  • A fully responsive design that suits all available devices

Milano Responsive Magento Theme design allows the choose between columns and with a left sidebar category page Another great feature on its design is the free blog extension that enables news publishing reviews and posts of videos, images and marketing material.

  • The revolution slider that depicts extremely attractive banners on a single click

Mobile compatible make- the theme can be browsed through in any available devices the mobile phones inclusive. This ensures that most customers can access your store at great ease and from all over the world.

  • User Friendly
  • The AJAX quick buy – Allows for Add to Cart, like and rate options on the list pages
  • An addition NEW and SALE products swipe sliders for instantaneous identification of new products in the market from the given list
  • Extensive product video display on click
  • Social share on product page
  • Custom product label at the base
  • Brand logo inclusive on the product page

Administration features:

  • Quick installation tool that instantly starts the installation process that’s takes less than 4 minutes
  • Single point for all options allowing administration of all features at the same menu
  • Upload logo/ image slideshow that does not require a FTP to shift logos
  • Very quick and instant 100% cache compatible JS & CSS able to combine files

Fully Magento compatible

Multi Concept Magento Theme

8.Black White Responsive Magento Theme

Are you looking for the best theme for your store? Then look no further. The Black & white responsive Magento Theme offers you the best- a run for your money. The premium responsive theme is loaded with excellent features to suit any kind of store ranging from jewelry, boutiques, beauty and ornamental stores to the mega accessories stores. This is actually an ideal theme for your store business.


Theme option Module allows for easy customization of elements using a single admin option. The mega Menu is fitted with revolution sliders ,drag and drop extensions, AJAX –Add to Cart, quick view ,easy and quick log in, price slider, wide range of integrated colors to choose from and so much more. Black &White Responsive Magento Theme is an exceptional theme that comes with a unique package that allows for personal sub theme creations, an array of custom settings and an easy theme update that takes the shortest time possible (less than 4 minutes).

Highly Compatible with:

Magento : CE1.7.0.0, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, CE, and CE

Exclusive features in this brand

  • Easy Theme activation on ACTIVATE click
  • Language translation of choice – Being fully compatible with Magento translation extensions, the theme offers a wide range of languages that you can opt for at your convenience
  • Awesome Snippets – Ensure easy control of the theme appearance and its elements on Google search page
  • Header/Footer Slider- wide sized available with 200+ Google fonts
  • Great Icon Fonts – The theme uses font icons rather than ordinary images in all its elements

Other features include:

  • Retina ready
  • Image aspect ratio
  • Fluid grid
  • RTL support
  • 200+ Google fonts etc

So Buyers and Theme Lovers I hope you must have loved this collection. Our team is dedicatedly working for you to pick some more good themes in the list based on their quality, features and fuctions. If you are theme developers and thinks that your theme suits in this list you can always connect with us via our contact page.

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