5 Opportunities To Make Money With Your WordPress Website

With over 3.5 billion internet users in 2017 it’s very fair to say that we can’t live without the internet anymore. The opportunities that arise with the world wide web are mind boggling. So today, I want to dive into the territory of the potential your own WordPress website can have. There are lots of ways to make money online with a WordPress website and I want to tell you about the best ways. The sky simply is the limit with your own digital property and the earning potential is unlimited, so I’m not going to debate whether you can make money online as you most definitely can. The question is – how can you can do it?

Why WordPress?

I’m a big fan of WordPress and would recommend all of my readers to use this platform. Let me name just a few reasons why I push for WordPress:

  • It’s search engine friendly
  • The software is easy to use and learn
  • They have great community support
  • It’s free to download, install, modify and use
  • Lots of hosting companies offer easy WordPress installation
  • Your site can easily be customised with great themes and plugins

What Value Should You Provide On Your WordPress Website ? 

For your audience:

Offer them engaging, relevant and useful content. The better and more interesting the content, the more likely visitors will be to subscribe to your website, share your content and recommend you to friends and across the internet in forums and on social media channels.

For merchants and marketers:

You can provide them an audience. Your website should be about a certain topic or a niche that you have specialised in. If that’s the case, merchants will want to advertise on your site as you can give them access to their target audience.

Let’s move on and get straight into it…

Top 5 Opportunities To Make Money With Your WordPress Site

1: Affiliate Marketing

The basic idea of affiliate marketing is to build a website with high quality content that’s informational and relevant to the products you want to promote. Within the informational content you can add links to relevant products and that link could go to either:

  • An in-depth product review
  • How-to article/video and tutorial
  • A section where you answer questions and solve issues
  • Product reviews are a great way to pre-sell a product

How-to’s and tutorials take often quite a bit of work to produce, but if the instructions are easy to follow and useful, it can be a great way to hook people into buying something you use or recommend in them. Questions and answer sections are again brilliant for attracting visitors to your website. It’s free and useful content and you can easily implement affiliate links into them. These three ways are a powerful way to generate income. Your website is online 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so if just one single article or product review ranks highly, you could generate thousands per month after publishing it.

Positive: Anyone can become an affiliate and earn money straight away.
Negative: It takes time and dedication to become a successful affiliate.

2: Display Ads

You either love them or hate them but the fact is, they can make you money online. The ads can be easily implemented in each WordPress website. Just sign-up to the likes of Google Adsense, AdBrite, Media.net or Clicksor. All you have to do is place a string of code strategically across your website or, like with Clicksor, install a plugin and your visitors will see relevant ads. You get paid per click but it’s best to check out each network as some have different payment models. The only downside is that you need lots of traffic to achieve a high income, so I don’t suggest you put all your eggs in one basket, but instead, use display ads as part of your multi channel marketing strategy. Traffic generation takes time, so if you produce a lot of top-notch content and push it out on socials etc. then this can certainly make you some good money in the long-run.

Positive: Anyone can add display ads to their website.
Negative: To make it profitable you need a high amount of traffic.

 3: Sell Ad Space Or Sponsored Posts

This is another method of earning money from your WordPress website – you can charge for advertising a company or product on it. Again, you need a good amount of traffic and must have created a trusted,established brand that product owners will want to pay money to advertise from – this could be anything from $5 a month to $2,000 a month depending on what your site can deliver to the potential investor. So if you have at least a few hundred visitors a day and a great relationship with your target audience, then why not pitch to sell your ad space. You could look into hooking up with buysellads.com or adsharemarket.com.

Positive: Selling ad space can potentially earn you lots of money in the future.
Negative: It’s a long-term strategy. You need a high standard website and targeted traffic to achieve a good income with it.

4: Create Your Own E-book Or Set Of Videos

The majority of people opt for a downloadable digital product in written format as it’s the easiest option. All you need is specific knowledge in a certain niche and a PC. If you want to share your knowledge and teach others, then you can get paid for it. The end result such as an eBook or Whitepaper can then be published in many forms such as PDF, Kindle, Gumroad etc. So what could your new ebook or set of videos be about? It could be literally anything:

  • How to get ripped
  • How to become a fitness addict
  • How to cook healthily in a small kitchen
  • How to train at home without exercise equipment.

Anything you enjoy doing, can do well (and can write about well) can be published and sold to that specific online audience.

Positive: A great way to engage with your audience and establish yourself in a certain niche for the long-run
Negative: Not everyone has in-depth knowledge of niches where an ebook would sell well.

5: Email Marketing 

Probably the most common way of earning money online. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. First, you need to collect email addresses and then create a well-working funnel that will lead to sales. In order to get someone to join your email list, you usually offer some sort of incentive such as a free ebook, an exclusive discount code, or some unique information. Once someone has signed up to your list, you should use an autoresponder to send a series of tailored emails to engage and build that important relationship with your audience. Content for these emails should be educational, helpful, motivational and relevant to your audience. If the funnel is done well and your readers start to trust you, you can start implementing product recommendations which are tailored to the topic they were searching for when they signed-up to your list. Done well, you can earn a lot of money this way.

Positive: If the email campaign is effective then you should gain long term, repeat customers rather than just one-off sales.

Negative: You do need a budget in order to get it right as good software and good creatives are important.

How Much Money Can You Earn ?

In order to make money online it’s inevitable that you should have your own WordPress website(s). If you are just starting out and don’t have any traffic or engagement with your target audience yet, then you should focus on these first. At the beginning you might earn maybe enough to pay for a third of your weekly food shop and then perhaps a little more to pay for a monthly pill. As expand your knowledge and develop your skills, you can start to grow your audience, focus on 10x content and build engagement. It’s at this point where you will start to see your revenue increase. One day you may even be able to earn enough to cover your monthly mortgage payment and more.

Never rely on just one way to make money. This is too risky – spread your income channels across your site and you will benefit in the long run. There is huge potential just in front of you – just give yourself plenty of time to learn and experiment with your target audience to see which approach works best!