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1. Pricing Table Responsive Addon for Visual Composer

If you are looking for the most amazing add-on that will allow you to include the most outstanding pricing tables through a Visual Composer faster, then you aren’t wrong to land here. For quite some time, businesses have been on the lookout for an app that can simplify their work and look what they have stumbled on – one of the best add-ons ever!

Visual Composer Pricing Table Addons is favourite for every website owners as they can easily create those tables and showcase it to their visitor

It is easier to install and use. What you need to do in order to enjoy all the benefits that come with this particular add-on is to install and generate fantastic pricing tables which will keep your customers glued to your site. Why would you need to have this kind of add-on? Well in any given business, there is nothing more fascinating as making more sales and it is for this very reason that this wonderful add-on comes into focus.

It doesn’t matter how you view life but the most important thing to note is that if you are one of those who believe in Visual Composer, this is actually your add-on. Considering the features it comes with, you can rest assured that this is actually what you have been missing in your endeavour to create pricing tables. Once you install this impeccable add-on, here are some of the great features you are bound to enjoy:

  • Creation of numerous table layout
  • Easy colour adjustments
  • Simple set up and easy usage
  • Complete responsiveness
  • State of the art design to attract more visitors
  • An amazing CSS conversion on hover
  • A complete documentation

As such, this add-on offers the greatest opportunity to enjoy all these features at one go. Why then look elsewhere?

2. Visual Composer Ultimate Pricing Tables Add-on

Visual Composer Ultimate Pricing Tables Add-on is an amazing plugin that allows you create stunning pricing tables that go in line with your business requirements. With this exceptional add-on, you can easily customize your price table colours, add extra of icons and most importantly, make use of the call to action keys easily.


This wonderful add-on with numerous discernible features you will definitely love. Just like the Visual Composer Columns, the ultimate pricing table add-on is unique in its own way. It comprises of the Custom Column Layout feature, Individual Pricing plans, a completely customizable background and text colours such as transparency, a full custom content like the Font awesome icons – 4.1.

It is basically the best add – on that enables you to include animation in your pricing plans, personalize your boarder styles by adding square or rounded edges. Take advantage of this awesome add-on toggle between the pricing plans. Just like the call to action box, the ultimate pricing table add-on works perfectly.

Considering that it is available in various versions and depending on your needs, you can always what suits you best. What is more important here is that this fantastic add-on is highly compatible with almost all browsers. Thus you not need to struggle so much in order to what you want.

Installing this add-on is easier and one of the best things you can ever do to improve your business. Boost the visibility of your business by simply getting the latest version of this exemplary add – on!

3.Pricing Boxes for Visual Composer Add-On

pricing box for vc addon

Easily Create Pricing Boxes Using the Pricing Boxes for Visual Composer Add-On

For quite some time, it has never been easy to add pricing boxes to a website. However, with this wonderful Pricing Boxes for Visual Composer add-on, you can design and create pricing tables with a lot ease.

By installing this great add –on, here some of stunning and awesome features you are bound to enjoy.

·         It is completely responsive

·         Utilizes theme elements together with styles

·         Compatible with any kind of column design

·         You can easily insert any type of content

·         Comes with an endless list of options

·         Badges with custom text

·         Comprises of animation and hover effects

·         Contains predefined styles

·         Has links for the entire price box

·         It is completely customizable

Yet once again you have what you have been looking for – an add-on that promises to move your website business to another great level. Why would you remain behind when this marvelous add-on has all it takes to be the best? Keep your visitors glued to your website by installing this amazing add-on. For the best and customizable pricing boxes, you do not need to look elsewhere. This is just what you   have been missing and now it is right here with your. Take this open chance and enjoy all the benefits that come with this great add-on.

Looking at the numerous fantastic features, it is clear indication this add-on was designed solely for your business. And it is no doubt that, it suits all your needs. You can alter how your website pricing boxes appear by simply getting your latest version of the same.

4.Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

pricing table vc addon

The latest Easy Pricing table plugin is the best WordPress from a dedicated team, whenever the pricing table is mentioned none beats this user friendly plugin. In it you will find well defined themes, the kind of themes you will be very happy to use together with an assortment of colors and the best elements for your utility. When you have the Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin, you are already set to start generating your own pricing table with very few clicks you have a great application. It has an up to date simulator which guarantees you to build a pricing table. This is about the easiest and best plugin that will see you enjoy what you want to do most.

The plug in has excellent themes for your meant to bring out a great table, all the colors are predefined. Elements for content are well factored as are the other effects for hover. It is very convenient for use       by anyone as it is easy. You have product that will see you blend colors and come up with unmatchable visual effects.

Convenient features include:

  • Superior themes for pricing
  • 10 special colors all predefined
  • 9 content fundamentals for pricing table
  • 5 hover essentials
  • 120 plus Ribbons
  • 100 plus icons
  • One on one preview
  • User friendly
  • Integrated composer for visual effects
  • CSS3
  • Content in short code
  • Content in HTML
  • Videos fully integrated
  • Rows and columns for sorting
  • Active Columns Default

Use This Great WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables To Go Pricing!

Go Pricing Table Addon

It has now become increasingly easy to make a wordpress pricing table with the available go pricing. This amazing pricing table is known to support several elements that are media based. \be they images, audio, video and even maps, you need to use it. With this product you don’t have to look any further.
Salient features

A host of great features will enable you to come up with a pricing table whose most fundamental attribute gives you an immediate preview. It only takes you one click to view and put your work on   test at any given time.

There are over 250 assorted templates just designed for you and come in various c. You colours depending on your product. You can use the primary colors but you also have the option of importing the others by way of a data demo.

You can mix at your choice whenever you need to lend a wide range of colors. You can place all columns sequentially and end up configuring any sequence of color of your choice. That will definitely excite you!

The true “GO” experience will become part of you whenever you are having any device to show the plug in. Whether you are using a tiny screen or even a mega screen, not to mention your laptop, phone or table, you can be sure of a perfect visual effect.
This great WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables plugin can be utilized in any place in the world this is the best from a team that is driven by passion to see you the best get when doing comparisons related to pricing tables. This one is a spectacular product that is meant for your use.

Install Your Arprice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin to Enjoy All the Benefits Included

pricing table addon vc

Wow! Just imagine the numerous fantastic features these amazing plugin comes with! You can never go wrong by choosing to click the install button on your PC. The ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table plugin is specifically designed to offer your website the much needed visibility.

Once you install this awesome plug-in, you will be ready to start enjoy great features. In this case, if you have been wondering on to personalize your pricing tables; it is time you smiled as this plugin offers you that opportunity. With over 250 pricing table options, you can never run out of ideas. It doesn’t matter the time frame you choose – monthly or yearly – go ahead and toggle your price buttons. Everything has been simplified for you.

As easy as drag and drop, get the most out of your instant pricing table editor as. What is more intriguing about this wonderful plugin is that, you can easily resize you pricing table columns to suit your convenience. Create animated pricing tables and make everything look lively. Above all, there is nothing good like having completely responsive pricing tables. This great feature will go a long way to keep your website business booming.

What is more fascinating is that this plugin comes with an endless list of admirable features. You don’t need the whole day to start enjoying the benefits. Considering that it is a click of a button away, why then would you let it pass unnoticed? Get yours now and you will never have regrets about everything!

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