Selecting a theme can be an overwhelming task, especially, when there are thousands of themes out there. A theme gives an uplift to your content and it can play an important role in deciding the reliability of your website. There can be many factors on the basis of which one can decide a perfect theme for their respective website. However, some basic factors form the foundation of a perfect theme, for example, your theme affects the load time of your website, if the theme is SEO-friendly then it can work wonders for your website, a good theme will complement the content of your website, etc. Before hunting the perfect theme for your website, do thorough research on features that are necessary for your website’s growth and competitiveness. Make a list of those features and proceed.

These are the 5 basic things that you must consider before selecting a perfect theme for you:

1. Keep It Simple

A good theme doesn't mean it has to be full of features, complex layouts, and flashy animations. If you go through some successful and branded websites, you’ll notice that their website is quite simple and organized. So, go for limited features but those features that are necessary for your website, otherwise, it can affect the performance of your website in the long-run.

2. Responsiveness Is Important

Gone are the days, when websites were mostly meant to be used on the desktop. Nowadays, People use mobile more than desktop. So, it has become a necessity for a theme to be full-responsive. Features like flexible or adjustable images and easy navigation make your website easy to use and reliable. However, if there is a website that you like, you can customize it by
yourself and make it more responsive.

3. Invest in Premium Themes

Though there are many free themes out there, they come with their own disadvantages. A free theme does not have a reliable support system, It will have fewer features, It may lack features that are important for the formation of a good website, free themes are not developed with quality coding. Whereas a premium theme can provide you with unlimited features to choose from, it is dynamic & easily customizable, and it comes with a responsive support service.

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4. Test Before Launching

Before launching your final work in the vast field of the internet make sure that you ace every feature of making your website a perfect one. Though the theme developers check the responsiveness and other factors of the theme thoroughly, you should give it a last check before launching. Check whether your website is browser compatible, check its load time, and fix the issues if found. you can check the performance of your website with the plugin & theme check&quot. It specifies if your website is on par with the current theme standards.

5. Hunt for Supported Plugins

To gain easy control over your website, you need a good number of effective plugins. A good set of plugins defines the quality of your theme. Before selecting a theme, make sure your theme supports all the popular plugins that are necessary for good website building.