Animation Studio - A Candid Review


Here is an another amazing video product by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna Animation Studio and it’s going to be a game changer in the marketing industry. They have a proven track record in creating high quality products and grossing a sales mark of millions of dollars. Animation Studio is a imaginative, creative, innovative product for the marketing industry and it’s going to change the video promotion techniques for product launches and more. Already engaged with this intro right…? Well, scroll down and take look at my full review of Animation Studio.   

What is Animation Studio?

Animation Studio is a professional animated video creator which can be used by everyone. You can easily make your boring static website into a fun and engaging website with cool animated videos for your niche and new products which are soon to be launched. This an era of videos and an average user more attracted and actively takes interest in the product if the video of the product or niche is appealing and engaging. Transform the look and feel of your website with Animation Studio by a creating a fun and attention-grabbing explainer video and see your business and product grow at a rapid pace.

A video for a product or a service plays an important role on social media as we know on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter & youtube, we need entertaining plus catchy video content to create an amazing brand awareness among the people.  

It is in the past when the lame and boring slideshow videos were a thing, the audience of this era needs something more captivating like a fun to watch animated video which comes with a definite promise of expanding your product sales. As we know producing a cool animated video for your services or product is not easy & cheap and will cost you 100s and 1000s of dollars.

To be honest, most marketers, website owners, and business owners simply don’t have the ability, much less the budget, to create quality attention-grabbing videos that will engage audiences and get them to take action, but Animation Studio fixes all of these issues as this feature-packed animated video creator is very easy to use.

Animation Studio has a nice, easy to use and intuitive custom video editing interface. With few swipes and clicks, you can create an attractive animated video as the team of Animation Studio provides many pre-made video templates, texts, and voice-overs for several niches.

Animation Studio Feature Details

According to my hands on experience I found many of Animation Studio’s features very useful and handy. In this candid review I will sharing it’s features and their practicality from a common user’s perspective.

  • Pre-made Video Templates – I was stunned by seeing the amazing and professional quality of the pre-made video templates and the graphics. All these templates had cool and attractive animations which literally demonstrated the use and services of a product and other niches.
  • Text-To-Speech – A nice animated marketing video without a voice over feels so dull and uninteresting, a good voice over, a custom audio speech or a text to speech humanizes your video and gives it a credibility and authenticity. Overall it builds a good relationship between your brand and the customer. It Includes a state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology that supports 25 languages and 53 male/female voice styles and accents.     
  • Professional Voice Overs – As a user I was very satisfied to know that professionally-recorded voice overs for the top niches by Todd Gross himself are included in the Animation Studio. This is a feature of this product which guarantees that it’s gonna provide authenticity to your product’s animated video.  
  • Automatic Translation – As we know that we get a wide variety of audio sourcing and voiceover options, as well as onboard automatic translation too. Create multiple language versions for any video hassle free and on the go.
  • Professional Studio-Grade Videos – Easily create professional quality videos in minutes! (Check out the demo video to see how easy it is!)
    And the list goes on… .

Who should use it?

According to me, this is a kind of tool which can be used by everybody who has an online business, a website or somebody who has a new product to launch and wants to drive crazy traffic to his website, and engage the customers to build a long lasting relation with them. For using Animation Studio you need not to know about video editing and all because its very easy to use and video tutorials are perfect and up to mark.


  • You can easily create professional-quality 2D animated explainer videos, and in minutes.
  • Built on the latest video animation and state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology.
  • Pre-made video templates from the hottest niches.
  • Professional voice overs by Todd Gross included.
  • You can sell unlimited videos to unlimited clients as a commercial license is included.


  • Animation Studio is a very useful tool, I didn’t find any cons related to its utility and functionality.

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Review By-
Vivek Gour