For website owners and bloggers, displaying Google ads has become another source of earning. They get paid for displaying Google ads in their websites, but sometime it become troublesome to put ads in your website. To make it trouble-less we introduced “Best Adsense WordPress Themes. “

      10+ Best Adsense WordPress Themes will solve your this problem. These WordPress themes provide numerous ads placements and make accessing to Adsense smooth.  You can easily make more coins without worrying about what theme will make troublesome by putting ads to it. WordPress themes will get you to the path of monetization by increasing number of cost per click. Adsense optimized WordPress Themes are beneficial to you in two ways: firstly it will create a string of visitors on website and secondly it will boost earning per click. These WordPress Themes have wonderful adsense optimized themes. You are having more than 10-options to make a choice. All Adsense friendly WordPress Themes have some special features and personality. Demo feature will help you in making best choice. Just have a demo, make a choice and give aesthetic look to your website.

1. Magneo – Responsive News/Magazine Theme

For the best representation of your magazine, a string of new visitors to your site, an ideal theme to go by is this Adsense ready WordPress theme. With highly captivating features, this theme inculcates the latest technical discoveries. It enables your viewers to find all the necessary information they need in the best and attractive manner.

Magneo – Responsive News/Magazine Theme comes with over 200+ Google fonts which enhance your texts, headings and general editing in the theme. The theme is retina ready fitting in a wide range of screen resolutions from the smartphone range, desktops to the large projector screens. Another great feature is the existence of sidebars which make it, even more, captivating

Above it all, the adsense wordpress theme incorporates the latest discoveries ensuring that all its blocks adjusts for any laity to understand without any struggle.

Amazing feature list:

  • Highly Compatible with various browsers including: Buddy-press 2.5×, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari and Opera just to name a few.
  • Theme forest files included – layered PSD, PHP files, HTML files, CSS files, JS files PSD
  • Layout – highly responsive
  • Tags – Ajax, apparel, clean, design, clothes, customizable, clothes,
  • Design – Easy to install, modern, wide range of colors, Google fonts, Light-box

Make your way up the economic ladder with this great theme!

2. Good News – Multi Niche Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

This best Adsense WordPress theme is highly compatible with Adsense and comes loaded with stunning features. It is specifically designed for people venturing in blog magazines among other related business websites.

Amazing 200+ Google fonts – The theme comes with a wider range of the latest Google fonts for customizations of headers, texts and footers

Another awesome 140+ amp personally crafted unique and amp icons that ensure a stylish display of icons in different sizes and colors

Sharp –retina ready HD graphics – With a maintained quality and graphic properties, users enjoy the display of the theme in any screen irrespective of its resolution and size

Easy and quick translation into different languages –A basic 6 language package comprising of Spanish, Norwegian, Greek, Russian Ukrainian and Portuguese is packed alongside the theme. However, additional languages can be added at choice.

Bbpress & amp – Good News Multiniche Blog Magazine WordPress Theme is a wholly compatible with bbPress and the BuddyPress plugins.

User-friendly support – Users navigate with great ease on this theme since its admin is simplified geared to merit every individual capability.

Data storage for long – Common posts in the theme like for a year, week a month ago or the previous day can be tracked back with great ease at the theme’s panel

PSD logos with files for easier tweaking of the theme design – The E-commerce plug-ins in it (WooCommerce able) ensures s easy quick online marketing and advertisements of goods and services in the theme.

New features:

  • ADS PRO, WP ad manager
  • Fully responsive
  • Revolution sliders
  • IOS slider
  • 300+Admin features
  • Boxed /full width
  • Author’s page
  • Demo content
  • Online documentation
  • In built HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fully customized header slideshow
  • Unlimited color options
  • 200+ Google fonts
  • Ajax add-to-cart wishlist and star rating

3. DizzyMag: Ad & Review Ready Magazine With Portfolio

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

If you are an entrepreneur with an objective of establishing the most successful magazine on the internet then this is the best for you. It gives you numerous advertising placements and further allows you to gain access to Adsense besides being supportive of WooCommerce. DizzyMag: Ad & Review Ready Magazine with Portfolio is perfect for those of you, who are keen on monetizing their websites. It is designed for advertisements making it the best Adsense WordPress theme, it guarantees the availability of adverts despite the device being used. It is created using the best SEO practice that causes spontaneous indexing in any of the search engines thus directing traffic to your site.

The Adsense theme is compatible with popular review plug-in making it possible for visitors to give their feedback using stars to do their rating.

Features of the theme

  • Responsive and optimized for mobile devices; the theme makes it possible for anyone to access your website from any given devices. It is fully responsive and works brilliantly on any kind of screen size ranging from PC’s to tablets and mobile phones.
  • Numerous side bars; the theme has a provision of sidebars for posts, homepage, and respective portfolio projects. You can adapt them to various parts of your website. You can also customize the sidebars for any other posts or projects that you may come up with.
  • Bug fixing; it secures your machine from contracting bugs from incompatible themes.

Other features:

Other features that have been factored in the theme include a valid HTML5, Search Engine Optimized documentation clean CSS3, one Click Updates, dummy data provided,  valid JS & PHP code.

4. Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

Most people look out for themes that will enable them to monetize their website; no one with an online presence would wish to miss out the opportunity of making an extra coin through their website. This Adsense optimized WordPress theme ensures that you earn from Adsense as well as advertisements. Truemag: Ad & Adsense Optimized Magazine is well designed to make any novice use it with a lot of ease. The PHP and HTML codes comply with the W3C standards enabling it to correspond with the exceedingly high WordPress standards. It is compatible with WooCommerce making it a theme of choice for those wishing to set their online shop and sell via the internet. Its layout is mobile friendly making it possible for anyone to access your contents from their handheld devices.


  • The theme comes with an easy to use the ST kit which is an expertly designed user-friendly interface which you will find to be very easy to understand. It will leave you with ample time to do a lot of work on your website.
  • Customizable Sidebar Widgets
  • The sidebar widgets are customizable making it easy for you to connect to popular social networks, it also makes provision for you to add posts Flickr Get in touch, subscribe share and other functions.

Other features:

  • Other features that come with the theme include single click updates, Google fonts, 140 icons, free bug-fixes, CSS styles, HTML5 and java script, search engine optimized, color schemes, responsive to mobile devices, translation ready, unlimited side bars, and style customizer.

5. Legatus – Responsive News/Magazine Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

For those searching for a WordPress Adsense ready theme which will be responsive and suitable for blogs then this one is best placed to solve your needs. The Adsense WordPress theme utilizes excellent SEO standards besides being fast and very user-friendly. It is perfectly designed to support Adsense, Google ads and RTL. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. If you are among those users with blogs, online magazines, review sites and publishing ventures then Legatus – Responsive News/Magazine Theme presents you an opportunity of making money online through Adsense.


  • It has a weather Forecast function that uses
  • Own Banner System: The theme has a unique Bannery system; all you need is to add images, videos, text, and other types of HTML code. You also have the option of adding and editing all effects
  • Numerous homepages styles: This enables you to generate your own homepage using the drag and drop functions.
  • It comes with a Contact page together with contact form
  • Different types of templates that enable you to come up with various categories and assigning them multiple templates.
  • Separate gallery system from where you can opt for two types of galleries. It has gallery short codes which give way for the addition of images to posts.
  • Blog: This feature gives you a choice of five different blog view styles. You are provided with anything that a blogger would require. You can further include avatars to posts; you can set the automatic avatar search from posts if such a setting had not been put in place.
  • Widgets; it comes with seven adjustable widgets that work very well with the theme.
  • Language translation has been factored in the theme through use of language (POT) files making the browsing experience easier and faster. The theme is adjustable to most popularly used languages through the use of PoEdit which is availed freely.

6. Goliath – Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

This is a very responsive WordPress theme for Google ads which works well on all devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is designed for reviews on products and has an inbuilt rating program. It has comprehensive tools for summary and an enhanced display of reviews in any search results conducted by Google. Goliath – Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine makes it easier for you to set up your own advertising platform; it comes with a complete ads system which makes it possible for you to carry out Google Adsense insertions on the image banners. The Adsense WordPress theme comes with more extra features like revolution slider and the visual composer. The mega menu is fully customizable.

Main features

  • The design is fully responsive and works elegantly on all devices.
  • The Visual Composer as well as the Drag & Drop function for page builder is included.
  • Generating of dropdown menus has been made easy using Planet shine; it also has Mega Menu plug-in.
  • You can create excellent sliders using the Revolution slider.
  • It has a great review system making it possible for you to make reviews for any commercial products and automatically rate using stars and at the same time summarize any of your review works using an automatically generated animated result block.
  • The Ads System automatically places image banners such as Google Adsense and also other ads. Those ads can be placed in header, after written posts, or can possibly be located inside articles.
  • Marking of HOT articles – articles with a wider reach every week end up being marked as HOT making it possible for your readers to find popular articles.

7. Delipress – Magazine and Review WordPress Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

Entrepreneurs with the objective of running review websites and magazines will find this adsense theme to be invaluable to them. This Adsense friendly WordPress theme is responsive to all devices. It has tons and tons of inbuilt features which make any website be highly ranked due to its friendly SEO optimization.  Delipress – Magazine and Review WordPress Theme comes with an inbuilt translator making it possible for translations to key world languages. It is search engine optimized with very friendly social graphs for review purposes. It comes with unlimited Google fonts which give room for you to upload numerous fonts of your choice for any function. The demonstration content is fully included to make it possible for any novice to easily understand how to run a website. Various support services are provided freely; they include remote team-viewer over a desktop, join to site, and ticket submission via profile.


  • It has HTML5 and CSS3.
  • It has a fully responsive Layout that includes a responsive Ads widget which is fully optimized for Adsense.
  • The elegant Mega Menu provides Support for unlimited colors; it also comes with great font icons with drop-down levels.
  • It has awesome mega links with mega categories.
  • The theme has a Widget Layout Builder which is all visual enabling you to build your site simpler than it is done with Page Builder.
  • It comes with Unlimited Customizable Side Bars with powerfully inbuilt widgets.
  • It has a Support Customizer that caters for a wide range of colors as well as fonts alongside the background and a host of other important settings.

The translator is Built-in enabling you to translate your site devoid of any other plug-in to any commonly used language globally.

8. Simple Life – WordPress Blog Theme, AdSense Ready

This is an all important theme comes with a very neat layout and a matching responsiveness that the branding colors cannot hide. Simple Life – WordPress Blog Theme, Adsense Ready is created for simple blogs as well as photography sites, but then again it fits easily together with any business profiles worldwide. The layout contains many designs which bring out the best of your content with a matching visual effect.  This is the best WordPress theme for Adsense, it is must for those with graphical magazines which contain many images. The modules enable users to opt for any of the colors that they need, with it you can be able to generate websites that have simple blogs. The codes are easy to customize.

Key Features

  • It is a fully responsive theme
  • Has a valid HTML code
  • Comes with 369 vector icons which has awesome fonts included
  • The theme is fully compatible with all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera.
  • It is AdSense ready and can be put to use on any banner size
  • It has a full advertisements management function using images and script codes.
  • It has a sticky menu at the top,
  • It has a High contrast for branding colors,
  • It comes with unlimited number of color schemes,
  • It has 3 Levels menu,
  • Animations are created using CSS3,
  • It contains popular posts widget ready for use,
  • It has a widget for recent posts
  • It has a comments widget
  • It contains a Customizable mobile menu version
  • It contains a Layered PSDs for Customization
  • It has got an XML file ready for demo content
  • The Optiontree demonstration option is provided

9. Grimag: AD Optimized Magazine Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

This is the most essential tool in the editing and SEO related field. Grimag – Ad Optimized Magazine theme is designed specifically for ultimate monetization output. The theme allocates great advertisement spots to place your many adverts which blend and suit with the content giving it a radial professional online magazine outlook.

For maximizing your profits and driving traffic, great emphasis on your advertisement is needed. Get this Adsense WordPress theme and you are a step ahead.


Highly responsive and mobile optimized- with an in- built Adsense solution on this layout the theme puts to an end the continuous breaking of theme layouts. The theme suits any kind of resolution, from the small devises like the smart phones to the widescreens desktops and projectors, it gives a perfect display.

300px by width sidebars – All pages of this theme are wide enough to fit and enhance clarity. The themes panel box allows activation of this magnificent feature. It is a indeed user-friendly, balanced and flexible theme.

Retina –Display – All the Theme’s elements look great! The two color scheme; light and dark, gives a more descent customization style of texts and images. In addition, it comes with a pre –packaged .po- file with all the text strings necessary for translation.

Other features include:

  • High resolution
  • Widget ready
  • 3 columns
  • Compatible with various versions of BuddyPress
  • PHP files JS files CSS files inclusive in the Theme Forest files
  • SEO, HDPI magazine tag, ad ready and Russian tags available

10. Ad Optimized Magazine with Powerful Advertisement System – Shockmag

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

This Ad Optimized Magazine with Powerful Advertisement System theme has developed specifically to suit your market and customers needs and it is very ideal for given online store. Don’t look further – this best Adsense WordPress theme offers you all.


Great retina ready graphics

The theme offers a great view on any resolution and screen size (Retina screen) without any alteration of the content properties.

Translation Ready

The theme is ideal since it allows translation into any language of your choice. A ready pack of 6 basic languages; Norwegian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Ukrainian comes along and automatically switches in with a new version of the theme.


This is the most up-to-date theme, a customer friendly one and with a “help” directory when stuck along on the usage. The theme panel and amp customization allows configuration of the theme settings, color orientation, fronts outlines and general layout outlook with great ease.

Hi tech typography of 700+ Google fonts

The theme offers a wide range of different fonts for your Headers Footers and all kinds of texts orientations. You have the freedom to customize your font sizes style and family.

Great font icons too

It is loaded with an array of easy to use font icon styling, colouring and you can easily  resize  them to fit any sizes. Also inclusive in the theme are more than 140 carefully handcrafted icons to take you through your browsing.

Advanced lightbox

  • This offers the ultimate usability for website.
  • Post views that work with caching plug-ins
  • With a click of activation of the feature at the panel, the post view is updated.

PSD-LOGOS – Helps in designing of stylish web logos.

11. Newspaper WordPress Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

This is another amazing, up to date, most responsive and Retina-ready, high definition WordPress theme for Adsense. The theme is technically built for blogs, newspapers review sites publishing and magazines. This stunning theme offers you all the support you need to propel your business to the next level in the technology industry. Newspaper WP theme is loaded with great features designed for you News website.


It is user friendly

The theme has an excellent panel that allows simple, easy configuration of the themes settings. It is easier to switch from different colors, layouts, fonts, and navigate through its elements owing to the powerful administration options that make it the most unique theme in the market today.

Short codes

The themes bar has short codes that allow you to add buttons, columns, tabs and toggles increasing the number of customization options.

Photoshop PSD has unique PSD packed with files for modification of designs.

GUI shortcodes

This ensures memory easy retrieval shortcodes that do not require cramming. Very user friendly dialogue system that is fully customized.

8 post formats

Offers a great choice; from audio, standard, both (embedded or self hosted) HD images, super gallery, different status formats and orientations.

Compatible browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Compatible with:

  • BuddyPress 2.3×
  • BuddyPress 2.2×
  • BuddyPress 2.1×
  • BuddyPress 2.0×
  • Bb press 2.5×
  • Columns 3
  • Loout responsive
  • Tags: Ad, ad ready, Adsense,
  • Translation ready HIDP,
  • Super resolution
  • Widget ready

Other features include:

  • Unlimited color orientations
  • 200 plus Google fonts
  • Online documentations

12. Reganto – Massive Magazine Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

Reganto – Massive Magazine theme is classic, highly responsive and flexible with super fitted features. The adsense WordPress theme is Retina ready and therefore best suited for publishers, blogs, magazines and newspapers. The theme applies the SEO System, easy and fast administration and has plenty of Google ads plus the Adsense and RTL.


Simple weather forecast that captures data from the API

Easy accessed home page – The theme allows home page creation of your own choice. By simply dragging and dropping blocks you are able to formulate a homepage of your own style and outlook.

Banner system – This feature allows for additions of HD images, HTML codes, text, effects on edited texts, headers and footers, videos etc.  The binary sets time sequence and code of the effects.

Contacts: Has a contact page with contact form.

Gallery: Hosts a double styled gallery that gives a choice between the simple Fancy box style and the standard jQuery gallery where restriction on reloading pages on image change applies.

Language: Reganto Massive Magazine theme applies the free PoEdit programme to offer a wide range of languages to choose from. The languages are contained in the POT files and navigating through them is easy and faster

Sidebar generator: The theme further allows unlimited sidebars creation on the pages and for posts in the theme.

Short-codes : Exemplary, this theme contains simplified short-codes which are put in place by adding them in the post field or  by utilizing the short-code insertion button.

13. BloMag WordPress Theme – Exclusively For Marketers

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

With Adsense optimized WordPress theme you have more than you have ever longed for. The theme’s outstanding features are tailored to bring you a sight of beauty of its own – a paradise to browse through. Images and the general photography are superb owing to the fantastic functionality of the available features.

With a customizable layout, quick content managerial system BloMag WordPress Theme – Exclusively for Marketers offers an easy hustle free administration that is simple right from the installation procedure to the effective usage in blogging. The general layout of features is exceptional to all users and not forgetting the error-free data presentation.

Just with a few commands the theme is prompt to load faster on images, videos and transit through the pages with great ease.

Well documented

BloMag WordPress theme provides a ready programmed interface with inbuilt plugins that that allows bloggers/users to getting into the installation manual for a seamless experience on the same.

Another feature is Woo Commerce which has been designed to keeping the W3C codes neat and clean. This further helps in maintaining the website and keeping it up to date.

Mailchimp integrated

This brings into the theme the innovative world. Additionally the theme allows simple designs of elements with great ease. The user friendly platforms  that loads images , presents high graphic displays and diverse error free ready to install widgets.

Other inclusive features

Spyropress Drag and Drop tag, quickly and super responsive layout, excellent isotopic gallery presentation and a mega fancy box.

14. Novomag – Clean & Flat Magazine

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

The new Novomag – Clean & Flat Magazine is perfect WordPress Adsense theme currently trending in the market. Its highly responsive, flexible control panel and user friendly nature makes its unique features.

The Adsense WordPress theme is best suited in the publishing, review sites, and blogs and can support YouTube videos. It further uses the SEO system, quick in performance and has a package of over 200 plus Google fonts. The theme further supports Adsense and RTL.

Unique homepage

The theme offers an excellent homepage layout with a slider, multiple categories of news, and a range of banner blocks with a breaking news line at the top. It also avails a sidebar and lots of custom widgets.

Light box photo gallery

The Lightbox gallery offers an alternative photo view in photo gallery. The theme works superbly on smaller resolutions like mobile phones.

Custom review page

Offers a great custom review layout, which is fully compatible with the Google search engine. The page further displays star ratings, post titles and comments from users.

Contact: Eloquent template with Google maps and styled contact form

Blog: With a 2 blog styles

Other features

  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Safari, Opera.
  • Compatible with visual composer 4.7.4 WPML
  • Columns 2
  • Layout: Responsive
  • PHP files, CSS files JS file included

Tags: blog theme, elegant, clean design, creative theme, fashion theme, magazine theme, modern personal blog,

  • High resolution
  • Widget ready
  • Well documented
  • Sidebar generator
  • Mega Menu

15. Weekly News – WordPress News/Magazine Theme

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

Have you been on the lookout for an excellent professional highly responsive WordPress theme? Weekly News – WordPress News/Magazine Theme is your ultimate solution. This theme offers great scenario of beautiful and powerful news blogs and magazines. It is most suited for newspapers, publisher and blogs.

With these simple steps, you simply need to download, upload it to your hosting account and finally retrieve from the archives before activating and you are done. This is easy to install.

This Adsense WordPress theme further offers a great platform for interesting news sites and blogs. Applicable to all kinds of news niche the tech, gossip, sports, community and politics.

Also inclusive are  3 setting layout (framed, wide and boxed) which you can easily toggle between them with great ease. Additional WooComerce for online shopping and profit maximization is an added advantage.

Theme features:

  • Has over 20 customable blocks for the unique homepage creation.
  • 40 grid layouts and an extensive documentation
  • Quick in loading, with Google AdSense, a unique Divi Bulder and its intuitive block modular content that requires zero coding despite its amazing flexibility
  • Readily compatible and gives a super display on mobile screens owing to the best SEO practices
  • The WooCommerce is to date the most popular plugins in the market.

Additional features

  • Bootstrap 3.1
  • Easy to customize
  • Highly adoptable to all magazine style website you’re building.
  • Dropdown menus
  • Sliders and galleries
  • Clan code
  • Html5 and css3 layout
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina friendly

16. Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper

10+ Best Adsense WorPress Themes

Are you looking for a unique responsive magazine WordPress theme? Then don’t look further because you are in the right place. Newsmag – news magazine newspaper is the perfect solution for news websites, blogs, magazines, and the theme portrays your images and videos in the most presentable manner. This Google Adsense WordPress theme is best suited for fashion, glamorous lifestyle and online magazines.

Feature overview

It is is an up to date, clean, fully responsive with a SEO optimized premium magazine WordPress theme suited for news websites, online magazines, blogs among many editorial related online businesses.

With customizable widgets, simple easy to use theme options and more advanced layouts, wide range colors to choose from among many others.

Code quality

The theme is HTML5, CSS3 and PHP coded

Responsive Layout Options

This layout gives a descent beautiful outlook irrespective of screen’s resolution. Being fully responsive, it perfectly suits the iPhones ,iPads and SmartPhones giving HD graphics and images.

 200+ Google fonts

The theme comes with a collection of the latest Google Webfonts  best for heading, footers  and texts  easy to access and simple to apply at the options panel

Highly widgetized

The theme contains approximately 26 widget locations. This provides a platform for your standard WordPress widgets and advertisement widgets among others

Translation ready

The theme allows for easy language translation taking into account the wide range of languages available. You can switch from right to left, while choosing your most suitable writing language. It is RTL compatible.

Other great features

Subheadings, query news ticker, templates, in built author, custom menus, custom templates, etc.

So Buyers and Theme Lovers I hope you must have loved this collection. Our team is dedicatedly working for you to pick some more good themes in the list based on their quality, features and fuctions. If you are theme developers and thinks that your theme suits in this list you can always connect with us via our contact page.

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